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    • January 26
      - Padre Miguel Mejia
      Un propósito que todos deberíamos de tener es el de no tener miedo. Al comienzo del capítulo 15 del libro de Génesis Dios le pide a Abraham no tener miedo porque Él es su protector. Este verso está dirigido a cada uno de nosotros. No tengas miedo porque Dios es tu protector.
    • January 23
      - Sister Ann Shields
      I wonder how many of us seriously believe in the power of prayer? Do you? In order for prayer for others, as well as for ourselves, to be effective, God wants to teach us how to pray, how to intercede on behalf of others. In a future column, I will be more specific about how to pray on behalf of others.
    • January 23
      - Bishop Robert Barron
      I’min the process of re-reading a spiritual classic from the Russian Orthodox tradition: The Way of a Pilgrim. This little text, whose author is unknown to us, concerns a man from mid-19th century Russia who found himself deeply puzzled by St. Paul’s comment in first Thessalonians that we should “pray unceasingly.” How, he wondered, amid all of the demands of life, is this even possible? How could the apostle command something so patently absurd?
    • January 23
      - Padre Gustavo Ruiz
      Nuestra cultura está muy enraizada en la tradición de siempre ser generosos: le damos la mano al pobre, ayudamos a nuestros familiares que están enfermos y siempre mantenemos nuestros valores que nuestros padres nos han inculcado. Por este motivo, sabemos que, por nuestro bautizo, somos católicos de corazón, somos Hijos Adoptivos de Dios. Y al respetar siempre nuestra fe, la cual apoya nuestra identidad, esa generosidad se debe de mostrar también en la ayuda a nuestra Iglesia Católica. Amamos ser católicos y, por nuestra fe, sabemos que los frutos que Dios nos pide son precisamente lo que hacemos al apoyar al pobre, a los enfermos y al cuidar nuestros valores.
    • January 23
    • January 23
      - Dr. Manuel P. Santos and Karee Santos
      She says: I can multi-task; 
what’s the problem?
    • January 23
      Christian discipleship involves many elements, beginning with our response in faith to the Lord’s invitation. In Stewardship: A Disciple's Response; A Pastoral Letter on Stewardship, our Bishops remind us that stewardship is indeed part of the disciple’s life. Like the original disciples, each person brings a kaleidoscope of talent, treasure and spiritual depth in responding to the Lord’s call as Catholics. At the same time, true discipleship must always be grounded in the imitation of Christ — the model for all believers. Hence our lives reflect Him in how we live out our faith in a life founded on prayer, especially the sacramental life of the Church.
    • January 23
      - Fr. Mark Pautler
      “What is Aleppo?” News junkies recall that Libertarian Party candidate, Gary Johnson, was lost in space, as it were, when he was asked about what should be done for this besieged city at the epicenter of Syria’s civil war. I don’t think it is right to rebuke, much less ridicule, someone for this transitory disconnect from time and place. It happens. It happened to me when I woke up at night and couldn’t find my bedside lamp or make my way in the dark to the bathroom — until I realized I was in a hotel room.
    • January 23
      - Mitchell Palmquist
      A Cathedral parishioner and G-Prep student’s example of compassion and giving
    • January 23
      - Genavive and Cameron Edman
      “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return; the LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.” Job 1:21 It is interesting how you can read a verse multiple times over the course of your life, but then something happens that makes the verse come alive in a way that you never expected. My name is Cameron Edman and my wife Genavive and I would like to share the story of our son Clark Job Edman, who died from a birth defect minutes away from being born.