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All Souls at Holy Cross

A small, socially-distanced congregation gathered to celebrate All Souls Day at the Mausoleum of Holy Cross Cemetery on Nov. 2. Bishop Thomas Daly celebrated mass for those attending in person, and for the virtual attendees through live stream video feeds.

“In general we don’t like to speak about death, its one of the least popular topics," Bishop Daly said. He added, in 2020, “death is more front page in our lives than ever before.”

Speaking about the Mass itself, Bishop Daly said, “Today we come together not to run from or avoid death at all costs, but to celebrate it. Why, the Mass is called the Commemoration of the Faithful departed, remembering all those who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith. Yes it’s somber, as it should be, and it always follows All Saints Day. And it demands that we deal with death, and those who have died.”

Those gathered in the mausoleum engaged with death through prayer, and those visiting the cemetery similarly remembered their departed relatives. More than 1,000 candles were lit throughout the cemetery, lighting up the grounds as worshipers and visitors left the cemetery for the evening.