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CAPA Homework Club

It’s Thursday, Oct. 29, and Ryan comes running down the long, bright hallway at Catholic Charities Eastern Washington’s Childbirth and Parenting Assistance Program (CAPA). It’s almost Halloween, and he is dressed up as Mario from Super Mario brothers. Underneath his mask, with a mustache drawn on, he is smiling, eager to run into the “Homework Club” work room.

When he arrives, he immediately greets his teacher with an “elbow high-five” and picks up his work basket from the organized shelf full of colorful workstations. He sits down at the computer and begins his tutoring session.

The Homework Club is a new project within the CAPA program that was created in response to many schools transitioning to online learning due to COVID-19. The Homework Club provides parent support, student learning assistance, and technology help. Created by Sandi Nokes, parent/volunteer education coordinator, families sign up for weekly 90-minute tutoring sessions supervised by CAPA education staff and volunteers. Students receive one-on-one support for their online learning goals. Ryan excitedly told his Homework Club teacher that there was no math homework for the day, but he had some extra reading to do. They logged on with smiles and began their session. While students are studying, parents are encouraged to meet with CAPA staff for more information on navigating their child’s online education or participate in self-care. At the end of the session, Ryan is encouraged to reflect on what he learned that day, and to set a learning goal for the following week.

Nokes and her team hope the Homework Club can be a catalyst in creating positive connections for children struggling with online education. In these challenging times, many children do not have a safe and secure learning environment. The Homework Club can be that place for vulnerable children in our community. Nokes and her team are actively working to connect the Homework Club to other Catholic Charities Eastern Washington programs, like St. Margaret’s Shelter and family housing buildings.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone, and families who are not usually in need of support now find themselves questioning how they will get through. Families are worried about a lot of things—from employment, to childcare, online schooling, rent, and utilities. CAPA's leaders hope the Homework Club can help lift families up in these unprecedented times.

If you are interested in learning more about the Homework Club, please contact Sandi Nokes at