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Catholic Charities Eastern Washington Program Spotlight: Parish Social Ministry Emergency Assistance

Our Emergency Assistance program is an essential part of what we do at Catholic Charities. People from all walks of like come through our front doors every day seeking a little bit of help to get through an immediate crisis. They may need a bus pass, help with their utility bill, maybe help with rent, or a deposit on a new apartment. Maybe their car broke down, and they need to travel somewhere. Emergency Assistance allows us to help people where one small touch is enough to provide a bridge over a challenge that could spiral into something more catastrophic, but that one small touch allows them to keep moving forward. This is made possible because of the support of the amazing parishes in our diocese. We can help people thanks to parishes supporting our programs. Whether you come to a parish in Ione, Deer Park, Clarkston, or Omak, there's going to be a pastor there that knows to connect you with Catholic Charities during a sudden and unexpected time of need.

Emergency Assistance is funded primarily from parish and private donations, as there's no grant money or federal/state funding for the program. We're able to say "yes" to our clients because parishioners and donors say "yes" to us. While the immediate need is to assist during a desperate time, the goal is to provide a one-time gift that helps elevate an individual into sustainability and self-sufficiency. Emergency Assistance serves a network of parish partners throughout eastern Washington, allowing pastors and their delegates to respond quickly to basic needs, from groceries and gas to utilities and rent.

Thank you for your amazing support. We could not do our work without YOU!