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Catholic Charities Walla Walla

By Catholic Charities Eastern Washington

Celebrating Amazing Volunteers

Sue and Josephine are volunteers that have been involved with Senior Services for several years.

Catholic Charities Walla Walla serves its community, the Walla-Walla-Way, partnering together to help its neighbors and friends in need. Our Senior Services program is designed to aid those in the community who are aging or disabled so that they may live in their own homes with dignity.

Sue and Josephine are volunteers that have been involved with Senior Services for several years. The two partner to do bi-monthly grocery deliveries to locals living in and outside of Catholic Charities housing communities. Thanks to our community partners and local parishes at St. Vincent de Paul Society, The Food Pantry at Walla Walla First Presbyterian Church, and Salvation Army, local food resources are available to those in need.

Sue was on the board of Catholic Charities years ago. She worked at St. Patrick's Church in Walla Walla before retiring and continuing to serve in her community as a volunteer. She said that doing volunteer services and commodities delivery has made a real impact stating, "we enjoy doing it and feel like we are providing something that people need. The ones that we are helping out usually don't have transportation, or they cannot go shopping for themselves."

Since the pandemic, many of the local foodbanks have been flexible in helping to keep our volunteers and clients safe by prepackaging grocery items for pick-up. Sue and Josephine ride together to deliver items and take them where they need to go. Sue admitted that "at times, it's two of us, sometimes over the age of 70 lugging this stuff up the stairs. So, we might have to take multiple trips, but we get it done."

When Josephine isn't helping Sue with grocery deliveries every other Wednesday morning, she is in touch with clients who need additional services more infrequently. She provides ride-share services so that clients can go to the grocery store or the doctors' office. Josephine is only one phone call away when clients require help with light household chores and errands. Both ladies have helped champion our mission to serve and promote human dignity throughout Eastern Washington. They have remained constant in their dedication to service and are an essential part of our work at Catholic Charities.

We are grateful for the selfless love shown by all our volunteers throughout the 13 regions we serve. Thanks to folks like Sue and Josephine, we can continue to spread love, kindness and promote human dignity for all.