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FOCUS Profile: Thuan Le Meets Students Where They Are: Online

By Maria Servold

FOCUS Profile: Thuan Le Meets Students Where They Are: Online

Most college students meet missionaries from the Fellowship of Catholic University Students at events on campus, like Bible studies or prayer groups. Thuan Le meets them somewhere else they spend much of their lives: online.

Over the last year, Thuan Le said there’s been a huge uptick in the number of students who reach out to FOCUS digitally. 

As a member of the digital outreach team, Le works with college students across the country who are interested in FOCUS but don’t have missionaries on their campus to meet. He has worked for FOCUS for five years, first at California State University - Fullerton, then on the digital team for the last three.

He is married, and he and his wife are expecting their first child in January 2022. 

Le said his years of work on the digital outreach team suddenly became hugely beneficial when the pandemic began and many college students had to return home and stay there. 

“Here’s this job that I had a foundation for before the pandemic hit,” he said. “My team had been doing that the whole time.”

Le was able to help teach other missionaries how to reach students online. 

“It was a blessing to share that knowledge,” he said. “It was awesome to come up with ways to help each other.”

One of the hardest things about being a missionary is knowing what to do or say in the moment to bring someone closer to Jesus, he said. 

“It’s really hard and sometimes kind of awkward to help someone grow,” he said. “I always feel like, ‘I’m a can I do this?’ I emphasize, we’re walking alongside each other to better ourselves.”

Le said he’s grateful to FOCUS for providing resources to everyone, no matter where they are in life: single, married, unbelieving, or faithful. 

“I was able to come alive in the faith, knowing I had so many resources,” he said. My relationship with Jesus is 100 percent at the center, and it’s awesome because every other person is living that way in the organization.”

If given the chance to say one thing to someone about Jesus who doesn’t know him, he said he would tell them: “Jesus is seeking you out. If you crack the door, you’d be mind blown by what he has to offer. Let him into your heart. Give Jesus a chance.”