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John and Catherine Landkammer Living Legacy

The Landkammer Endowment Scholarship was created by John and Catherine Landkammer, who believed strongly in the mission of the Catholic Church. John and Catherine were children of pioneers and farmed near Pomeroy, Wash. They farmed for many years and moved to Clarkston when they retired. Catholic education was always important to Catherine. When she was a child, her parents arranged for her to board in Clarkston so she could receive a Catholic education at Holy Family School. Catherine’s appreciation for this experience ultimately guided her decision to create a living legacy prior to her death in 1988.

Since 1989, Holy Family School in Clarkston and Holy Rosary Parish in Pomeroy have benefitted from the generosity of John and Catherine Landkammer. On an annual average, Holy Family School receives $25,000 for tuition assistance and Holy Rosary Parish receives $2,000 for religious education.

The Landkammer Endowment Scholarship started in 1989 with a balance of approximately $500,000.

Over the past 32 years, the balance has grown to more than $700,000 while making annual distributions. During its 32 years of existence, the endowment has provided more than $800,000 to Holy Family students in need of tuition assistance and Holy Rosary Parish’s religious education ministry.

The legacy of the Landkammer Endowment Scholarship is significant. Through the growth of the endowment and careful stewardship of those funds, John and Catherine Landkammer have provided more scholarships than their original gift. They have provided a stable flow of funding for our small school and parish.