Last Word

Take a Knee

By Father Mark Pautler |

Colin Kaepernick, “Kap,” first appeared on my football radar during the 2012 NFL season when he took over the San Francisco 49ers’ QB job.

A Sunday Ride

By Rev Mark Pautler |

The corona curve. Sunday has been my day for longer cycling ventures. On May 3rd, I rode east into Spokane Valley.

The Old Ball Game

By Father Mark Pautler |

At the beginning of Holy Week (April 6) the news was “We are in for a couple of very difficult weeks,” as the peak of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. was anticipated.

On the Road II

By Father Mark Pautler |

I like cars. I’m not in the same class as my nephews, Justin and Joseph, who inherited their father’s ardor for the automobile. But cars interest me.

Travels with Tommy

By Father Mark Pautler |

A few months ago, I spent a weekend with my brother, Tom, in Seattle. Nedra, his wife, had an opportunity to attend a presentation by her favorite author, Louise Penny, and get a little break — actually the only break she’s had from her daily commitment c

Mass Appeal Part III

By Rev. Mark Pautler |

Tucked away on N. Evergreen Road in Spokane Valley is the Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius, which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Mass Appeal Part II

By Father Mark Pautler |

In the midst of winter, I must return to summer for part II of Mass Appeal. A highlight of my sojourn to the Midwest was a weekend at St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota.