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Mafalda and Bernard Levernier: A blessed life

By Sister Mary Tracy, SNJM

Mafalda and Bernard Levernier: A Blessed life

When I met with Bernie and Mafalda two years ago to discuss how they might like to consider the diocese and the Catholic Foundation beyond their lifetime, they shared with me a deep love of the Church. Their Catholic faith was central to their lives. Bernie said God gave him and Mafalda five beautiful children and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Bernie developed a highly successful contracting company, Levernier Construction, Inc. In our conversation, the word “blessed” became a refrain.

Bernie and Mafalda were lifelong members (58 years) of St. Mary’s Parish in the Spokane Valley. They sent all five of their children to Catholic schools.

During one of my conversations with their son Joe,  he explained how his dad believed in philanthropy throughout his life, even when he didn’t have much to give. Joe said that as far back as he could remember, his parents “always gave money when there were needs.” Joe emphasized, “It wasn’t just at the end of my dad’s life that he was giving; it was all throughout his life.” As I was listening to Joe, I couldn’t help but catch the pride in his words; but even more so, I was thinking of the pride Bernie must feel toward his son: the generational understanding of sacrifice and contribution.

Bernie and Mafalda, in their faith-filled and generous vision, have created two endowments through the Catholic Foundation. These permanent funds will benefit, respectively, the diocese and the St. Thomas More Catholic Student Center (Newman Center) at Washington State University. Levernier Construction built the Student Center several years ago and among all of the many construction projects built by his company, Bernie felt distinctive satisfaction in the Newman Center’s completion.

  • The Bernard and Mafalda Levernier and Family Crosier Fund—proceeds from the Bernard and Mafalda Levernier and Family Crosier Fund are applied to the charitable works of the bishop of Spokane in support of the mission of the Diocese of Spokane.
  • The Levernier Family Fund—for the St. Thomas More Catholic Student Center at WSU

Bishop Thomas Daly recalls, “I remember our great visit with Bernie and Mafalda. They openly expressed their trust in God. Throughout their lives, they were very blessed. I am grateful for the ways their generosity will make a lasting difference in our diocese.”

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Sister Mary E. Tracy, SNJM

Executive Director

Catholic Foundation


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