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In Memoriam


Please pray for the faithful departed who were buried at the three Holy Cross cemeteries in the months of February and March.



Nancy Kathryn Ahern

Catherine Akeang

Catherine Chapman

Beverly J. Coyle

Bonnie Cuzzetto

Claude Cuzzetto

Casey Daschbach

James P. DeFrancesco

Betty Jo Fitzpatrick

James J. Flynn

Margaret E. Force

Eufrocina Rose Laffoon

Anna Mae Linsley

Thomas R. Linsley

Deborah Marks

Shad Joseph Miller

Irene D. Nieves

Amelia Patterson

Albert W. Schreiner, Jr.

Charles T. Stadtmueller

Donna Mae A. Stein

Elfriede Trautmann

Patricia Ann Tresko


MaryAnn Eugenio

Marian Gants

George Garafalo

Catherine Haggard

Robert Hansen

Mary Johnson-Blasingame

Edna L. Moore

Alice Susan Quinn

Franklin J. Urbaniak

Carolyn Jean Vorhies

Loren Wendell Vorhies

Grace M. Walton

Jean West

Donald Wissink