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A Moving Miracle

A Moving Miracle

The Garcias were in a tough spot. Wesley is paralyzed, and his wife, Desiree, was desperate to find a way to get the family to all the places they needed to go. Without a van equipped for Wesley, they were stuck in their apartment, far from shopping, schools, and public transportation. This was not their only need, but it was the largest, and they came to PREPARES for help. Although the ministry usually focuses on families with small children, they were not turned away.

PREPARES was able to help with some of their needs, but the ministry did not have a van to give them. Volunteers working with the family began to pray. One of the TriCity Catholic Moms reached out to Melody and Rick Reed from Christ the King in Richland, who had recently lost their disabled daughter, Myranda.

As volunteer Lindy Styer put it in a letter to the Reeds, “Myranda must have been whispering peacefully to your spirits. Perhaps she desired to transform your grief to joy, the joy of spiritual detachment from ‘things,’ the joy of uplifting another hurting family. Myranda could leave a legacy of a thriving family who also cope with the burdens of disability. Graciously, you offered Myranda's van to the Garcias."

“We received this news with shock, humility, incredulity, tearfulness, goosebumps, and butterflies. With social distancing, we couldn't hug the stuffing out of you. We all felt the presence of Divine Mercy and Myranda at the DMV when you handed over the keys. Wow! Myranda facilitated the answer to a focused, specific prayer. She orchestrated a miracle through her loving, unselfish parents. ‘Thank you’ sounds so inadequate under the circumstances,” Lindy said. “Had I not been accompanying the Garcias as a PREPARES Family Companion, I wouldn't have experienced this miracle or met Jesus on this particular journey. I'm grateful that family companionship puts me squarely on the road to Emmaus.”