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Prepares Changes Lives of Families and Volunteers Alike

Prepares Changes Lives of Families and Volunteers Alike

Prepares en Español serves parishes in the dioceses of Spokane and Yakima

PREPARES changes lives, not only for the families it serves, but also for the volunteers who serve. The ministry is a Catholic initiative in Washington state designed to help families who are who are expecting a child or have young children under difficult circumstances. We asked three volunteers how PREPARES has changed their lives.

Etelmina Rodriguez, from Holy Rosary Parish in Moxee, is currently supporting five families. Dot Roy is part of Holy Family Parish in Yakima, and she currently also has five families. Siri Fadich is the lead volunteer for St. Aloysius Parish and the entire mid-valley.  She has been with PREPARES for four years and is serving three families.

What have you learned from the families you serve?

Siri: Even if you have  knowledge of their struggles, meeting them face-to-face makes it real. I’ve become more compassionate.

Etelmina: Many of these families have so many needs that it is hard to know where to start. But just talking to us helps them.

Dot: One thing I have learned is that it isn’t always things they need, but connections with other people.

How has PREPARES influenced how you live out your baptismal promises?

Etelmina: It has given me a way to serve others. Before, I just went to church and helped the people close to me. Now I can bring Christ to these families. Jesus wants us to be part of other people’s lives.

Dot: I pray for the families I serve, and I let them know that. Communication is how I give of myself, which is what we are called to do. Sometimes this brings them back to the church.

Siri: PREPARES has definitely made me more prayerful. It’s also more hands on—instead of praying for people in general, I can be more specific. It’s given me a purpose, and a way to actually be the hands and feet of Jesus.

How does Prepares impact you? How do you feel about the ministry?

Siri: Sometimes I feel frustrated and in over my head. But, I get energized when our volunteers get together, or when I meet with families. 

Dot: I feel that the Holy Spirit is working through me, and I always say a prayer on the way to ask for guidance. We are doing something so necessary.

Etelmina: I feel like we are doing a wonderful thing. PREPARES lets us serve families. And there are more out there that I want to find. God has put them in my way, and it fills my heart. I'm ready! I want to keep going!

These volunteers are only three of the more than 125 across central Washington who live out their faith through action. They perform works of mercy and support life and, in return, they receive the deep satisfaction that comes from making a difference in individual lives. They find themselves not only becoming more tender-hearted, but more aware of the needs of women in our state.

As Bishop Thomas Daly has said, “PREPARES gives life to the unborn, help and hope to poor parents, and gives dedicated people a way to walk the journey of life with those who need our support.”