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Prepares in Small Towns

Prepares Flourishes In Small Towns

Small rural towns have been especially hard hit this season, but PREPARES volunteers are pulling together throughout the diocese. In one little community, the PREPARES playgroup has not been able to meet since the beginning of Covid-19 closures. Volunteers can no longer get together with families. However, volunteers have adapted to the needs of their community, and continue to serve families as they can. With the support of the parish, and donations from the wider community, the ministry is flourishing.

The parish provides a place to store donations--and a key! Volunteers deliver bags to doorsteps, and make calls to check on families.

This little PREPARES team has been there for a single mother who is expecting a child in the next month, a family whose house burned down, a loving father who has not been able to work since he was injured, a mother who has taken in two kids with disabilities from the foster care system, a grandmother who takes care of her grandchildren due to her daughter’s substance abuse. PREPARES is there for families in their community.